In 2019, Nebraska became one of 39 states affiliated with the national organization Jobs for America’s Graduates (JAG). Supported by United Way of the Midlands in collaboration with state agencies and participating school districts, JAG Nebraska helps students overcome challenges to achieve personal and career success after high school. 


Empowering Nebraska’s young people with the skills and support to succeed in education, employment and life.

The jag Vision

We believe that students can accomplish extraordinary accomplishments once they realize the future relevance of what they’re learning and that young people will exceed expectations when challenged.

Learn how you can support JAG Nebraska and help move our students and our economy forward.


Offered during regular classroom hours at participating schools, JAG Nebraska is available to all young people who need, want or can benefit from the program. Certified Career Specialists teach a minimum of 37 skills that are valued in the workplace and community. The JAG curriculum prepares students for future job success by:

  • Building relationships with local employers
  • Receiving career and technical education
  • Participating in hands-on experiences
  • Developing leadership and life skills
  • Learning civic and social responsibility
  • Joining in student-led activities

Helping Our Students Succeed In School – And Life

We think of Nebraska as “the good life,” a place of excellence and achievement. Yet our high school graduation rate of 88.6%* places us toward the middle of the nation for students who fail to receive diplomas. JAG Nebraska is designed to reverse this trend. And it’s working.

*Source: U.S. News and World Report, U.S. graduation rates for 2019-2020


Studies show that JAG students receive personalized training and encouragement,
resulting in fewer negative behaviors and lower absenteeism. Grade point averages go up – so do graduation rates. As proof, 99% of JAG Nebraska participants graduated in 2021-2022.

Developing Workforce

JAG is endorsed by many Fortune 500 companies because it helps youths overcome obstacles to become valued employees. Such is the case in Nebraska, where JAG has already positioned itself as the premier employment preparation program – and a key solution to our workforce needs.

Developing Economy

Nebraskans who graduate high school earn 20% more than non-graduates, are 15% more likely to own a home and are half as likely to be at risk for poverty. This means JAG graduates are positioned to make substantial contributions to their communities and our state’s economy.