Our youths face challenges that often prevent them from finding success in the typical classroom. JAG steps in with a tailored program of support and services to help students reach their fullest potential and gain an advantage in today’s emerging workforce.

Learn how you can support JAG Nebraska and help move our students and our economy forward.


It starts with certified JAG Career Specialists, who provide trauma-informed care and project-based learning. Local business and community partners contribute hands-on experiences and extracurricular activities that help students develop real-world skills – and the confidence to succeed.



Offered for credit during regular classroom hours at participating schools, JAG Nebraska is available to all young people who need, want or can benefit from the program. The JAG Advantage model consists of these elements that sets it apart from other middle and high school curriculums.

A certified JAG Career Specialist provides individual and group instruction for up to 45 students who are selected by faculty, administrators and counselors. Pre- and post-testing lets instructors assess the gains made by students during the program.

Career Specialists work to equip students with at least 37 competencies that have been identified as highly desirable employability skills. Career exploration and developmental learning are integral to the JAG Advantage model.

This method engages students to participate in realistic learning experiences that reflect the workplace environment and encourages them to master competencies through hands-on activities.

JAG Specialists, counselors and other adult mentors provide individual support to help students navigate and overcome the challenges that stand in the way of receiving a high school diploma, securing employment or pursuing postsecondary education and/or training.

JAG coordinates opportunities for students to connect with local employers to explore Nebraska’s in-demand industries and occupations, with the goal of securing postgraduation employment.

All JAG students participate in the JAG Career Association, a motivational student-led organization that promotes leadership development, employability skills, civic engagement, public service and social awareness through extracurricular activities and career development conferences.

Career Specialists help students identify education and training programs or certifications that relate to their individual abilities and career interests. This includes identifying means of financial support and other pathways to achieving student goals.

Even after high school graduation, JAG Specialists stay with participants to provide a year of follow-up services and transitionary support to ensure success in postsecondary education or job placement efforts.

Comprehensive tracking of participants served, services delivered and performance results is a critical component of the JAG Nebraska. The data is used to assess the effectiveness of each affiliate in fully implementing programs, delivering services and achieving high performance outcomes.